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In my last two roles, I have become fascinated by data. It has many stories to tell, and many secrets to uncover. I love rolling up my sleeves and digging in.


I’m a former store-champion barista. I handcraft my coffee every morning from freshly-ground coffee beans. I love coffee. Ask me anything about it!


I love learning new things! I’m currently in school for my second bachelor’s in Data Science, and I’m constantly taking Udemy and edX courses. Check out my blog for the latest on what I’m learning!


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A blog for all things statistics and WoW

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My story began in Manhattan, where I was born. I have been a lover of cities ever since! My life has taken me to New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Chicago, Ohio, Florida again, and now New York again. Chicago and New York are up there as my two favorite places to live – I’m just a city kid, I guess!

I attended Florida State University for my first undergrad degree in Information Communication Technology (go Noles!), and I was a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity. I did work there that I am proud of to this day! I am currently attending Arizona State University for my second undergrad degree (forks up!), this time in Data Science! I have been having a blast so far – and am on track to graduate in December 2024.

In my career, I have worked as a barista, a sales supervisor, a JavaScript developer, a WordPress/PHP developer, a SQL analyst, and more! My varied career has taught me several things: 1. I thrive in chaos. There’s nothing like being on bar at Starbucks on Black Friday. 2. I love learning new things. Hence my second bachelor’s! 3. Coding will always be a part of my life, no matter what!


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In Defense of the Abandoned Side Project

Lost, but never forgotten.

Side projects: every passionate developer has more than they can count – some finished, some sadly strewn aside.


A convergence of two of my favorite things.

WoWStatistica is a merging of two things I love: World of Warcraft and statistics. This was a fun project that involved building a site on Jekyll, integrating d3.js, learning how to parse through JSON data with d3, and then displaying various descriptive charts and graphs.

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This is my personal website. If you want to find out more about how I built it, check out the project on my homepage.